9 Days Adobe Creative Challenge


Outside of my school curriculum and studio VCC projects I decided to sharpen my skills and participate in Adobe Creative Challenge.

Adobe Photoshop Daily Challenge is a unique 9 days creative challenge for people who want to improve their skills in Photoshop. Every day designers and other creatives could find new assignment together with a short instructional video and assets on Behance. Extremely helpful was an option to share, ask questions or get feedback on a special slack discussion.


Based on a specific theme, image and technique create and share a design every day. To stay in the creative brief, but also make something different than was shown in an instructional video.


In the beginning, the main reason why I started the challenge was to explore and learn different techniques, but I was surprised how much I enjoyed working on this project. Before the challenge, I wasn’t fully confident while working in PSD, but after the challenge I can’t wait to start a new project (3D typography) and learn more about Photoshop.

  • What I did

    Book Cover Design
    Poster Design

  • Client

    Personal Project