Role: UI & UX Designer

Duration: Sep 2021 – Dec 2021

The BC Law Institute is a not-for-profit law reform agency that works to improve and modernize the law in British Columbia since 1997. BCLI carries out scholarly research, writing and analysis for law reform, collaborating with government and other entities, and providing materials and support for outreach and public information.

New web redesign is allowing users to filter and search for the materials easier and faster. Here are solutions to the key challenges of our users:


Users can look for documents based on the sector/topic.



Advanced search directly in the navigation helps users to filter and search by a keyword through published documents and blogs.


Older publications can be viewed in a table layout with added categories.




Competitive Analysis

We looked at some of the competitors in Canada and reviewed their user experience. A lot of the institutions appeared dated, poorly maintained and very rarely updated. We also decided to differentiate BCLI visually with the distinctive style of illustrations.

  • Alberta Law Reform Institute
  • Manitoba Law Reform Commission
  • Law Reform of Saskatchewan
  • Law Commission of Ontario Access to Justice &
  • Law Reform Institute of Nova Scotia


Simplified main navigation allows us to direct people to the most important parts of the website. Sectors will be added over time. They are another way of accessing documents related to the topic they are interested in. 

Sitemap – 1


Paper wireframes

The first diverged to brainstorm and roughly sketch out concepts. In this phase, I focused on the organization of the information.


Visual Design



UI Guide

Certain colours represent a specific subgroup of the company – for example, red represents Reconciliation Law and tope Canadian Centre for Elder Law.

UI Guide

Next steps

  • Add and update completed projects to the database with updated keywords 
  • Add individual sector pages and content as an organization grows 
  • Improve search functionality based on user research