Business Art Production

Project Brief

The goal of this project was to re-brand Slovakian production company Business Art Production to better represent their values. A new website was also designed and developed in order to promote the sale of shares in their various productions, and also reach a wider audience of supporters and contributors.


Business Art Production is a small Slovak startup company producing alternative movies and games financed through equity crowdfunding. The main goal of the company is to connect creators with the general public. They believe that anyone should have the opportunity to become part of the film and the game world, whether the idea is theirs, or one they want to support.


Convincing the public to trust that an unconventional, independent, production company will still produce high quality content. Creating a consistent brand identity across all platforms to promote brand awareness. Finding ways to move the user through the site and enticing them to purchase shares. Developing a bold responsive website with purchasing functionalities.


The original logo of Business Art Production was a simple camera icon, but I wanted to stay away from the literal representation so I focused more on typography. The company’s name is quite long and because of that, I used just the first letter. The final logo consists of the gradiating shapes that represent equity crowdfunding – thanks to the support of the various people, no matter the size of their contribution,  project can exist as a whole. The bold contrasting colours with vibrant photography are appropriate for the younger target market interested in movie and game sub-genres. The custom coded website has a strong call to actions and graphic elements clearly explain the principles of equity crowdfunding.

  • What I did

    Brand Identity
    Web Design
    Web Development
    Movie Poster

  • Client

    Business Art Production
    (School Project)