Canadian Space Agency

Project Brief

The goal of the CSA rebranding was to create a brand mark that communicates its history, mission and evoke creative expression, excitement while reflecting on Canada’s youth. The visual identity of the Canadian Space Agency isn’t consistent through all media and the need for unified language is necessary. As well as the Canadian Space Agency logo was probably designed in an era when CSA was founded is in contrast with innovation and its mission.


The CSA is an independent federal agency responsible for managing all of Canada’s civil space-related activities. The Canadian space sector is an integral part of Canada’s economy and plays an important role in our society. Canada’s space industry provides about 8,000 highly skilled jobs and contributes $3.33 billion to Canada’s economy every year.


The main challenge is to present CSA as an exciting place for the younger audience and display CSA as a modern company that is based on new technological discoveries and futuristic vision. One of the challenges of the rebranding was to create a logo that will keep some of the elements from the original logo and simplify it. Also, the Canadian Space Agency logo consists of French and English abbreviation that needed to be displayed and took into consideration.


Brand Identity
The Logo consists of a customized wordmark, French and English abbreviations, and a maple leaf. The combination of abstract shapes represents a spaceship and together with a red dot creates an icon.
Brand Guide
It is crucial to building name recognition and the goal is to ensure all of the key elements and all of the key audiences recognize a single and concise brand identity system. To help people use the brand identity as I intended I created a 30-page brand guide.
The style of photography is clean and simple. It expresses the idea of discoveries, promising future, technological innovations, and people learning.

  • What I did

    Brand Identity
    Brand Guide

  • Client

    Canadian Space Agency (School Project)