Depth of Streets

Project Brief

Depth in Streets Magazine is a fictional local monthly periodical created as a school project for the Graphic Design Program at VCC. The main goal of the magazine is to encourage and inspire hobbyist and street photographers to experiment and implement street photography into their everyday life.

Content of the Magazine
The magazine features tips for locals or tourists about where to go in Vancouver for street photography inspiration, also concrete tips on how to improve photography skills without buying expensive gear. Watching a film on a photographer’s work can be compensation for the inability to meet them in person, so the part of the magazine is also a list of documentaries every photographer should watch. A short essay or opinion why are people so drawn to street photography and its candidness and an interview with ex-professional photographer and her relationship towards photography are also part of the magazine.

Target Market

When I was creating the magazine the audience was my first consideration. Occasional street photographers and creative people who have great taste and are familiar with different visual languages and are also familiar with a variety of high-quality photography books and magazines.
The magazine is focusing on the creative and not technical side of the photography, that would appeal to buyers of mirrorless cameras, people who want to carry their camera with them everywhere.


For layout inspiration, I researched more than 50 different printed magazines available in the library. From the pictures I took, I created simplified layout sketches representing the most interesting solutions. Later I compare them with the content and articles I had planned and created digital mockups.

Source of inspiration were also different online blogs and websites about street photography. Based on that I came up with headlines and created articles — partially from copyright free content and my own writing.

I researched brands that potential buyers of the magazine would be interested in. I choose Creative Cloud Photography subscription (every photographer need the software to process images), Ricoh GR camera (small pocket camera with very good quality), the invitation to a photography exhibition in Vancouver Art Gallery and lastly advertisement for Langara Photography Program.


Creating a consistent brand identity. Finding a balance in displaying enough photography and content to motivate and inspire readers.


Name of the magazine – Depth of streets is referring to Depth of field known in photography as the distance between the nearest objects that give an image judged to be in focus in a camera.

Full page images to display photos as big as possible. Bold typography in combination with a desaturated colour palette to ensure articles have a clear hierarchy and are easy to read. Black and white photography with different compositions and angles is encouraging readers to experiment more.

  • What I did

    Editorial Layout
    Creating Content and Sourcing Copyright Free Content
    Advertisements in the Magazine

  • Client

    School Project