Role: UI & UX Designer

Duration: Sep 2021 – Dec 2021

Marine Printers is Vancouver’s leading digital printing, offset printing and wide format printing provider. Family run business founded in 1935.
The goal of this project was to add e-commerce and highlight the difference between Marine Printers and its competitors.


Simple e-commerce and product overview page give customer an option to make a purchase online. 


Request a quote stands out and give customers option to contact printer directly.


Added page with downloadable templates for different print projects. Make the design process easier.  


How can we make it as easy as possible to work with Marine Printers (without building something like Vista Print’s site) and solve simple customer service problems.


Use Persona

We identified two main user groups – designers and small business owners and their employees.

For designers – the helpful thing to have would be ability to download templates for some specific products. For non-designers – maybe some simpler guide than their FAQ without so much technical details. Also it would be nice to have some page that will just showcase the best work they have done for an inspiration.


Over time we will be adding product and company specific pages. Product specific pages will give customers a better idea about the technical capabilities of Marine Printers and company specific pages will help business owners and non-designers to get a better idea how they can elevate their business through design and print.


Paper wireframes

As a one of the first steps in design process I started sketching different layouts and information structures for the most important pages.

Visual Design

With the visual design we keep the current brand identity, but hoping to elevate the product presentation. As another part of the project we are going to take pictures that better represents quality of Marine printers.

Photography Moodboard

UI Guide

Keeping the same accent – orange colour, I added new bold and modern heading typeface. Together with updated iconography and button styles – Marine Printers visual style has more edge and appear more modern.