Skipper Otto – Advertising Campaign

Community Supported Fishery - Advertising Campaign


Skipper Otto – Community Supported Fishery



Social Media and Display Advertising
Landing Page Design
Visual Identity


September 2020 – March 2021

Goal of this campaign

Run an education campaign to explain the problems with global seafood supply chain, and how Skipper Otto represents an alternative.

This includes emphasizing the Canadian/local supply chain as well as enviro benefits and access to the freshest, highest-quality seafood.

The goal was to increase brand awareness, attract new members and sustain the current members.

Visual Direction

  • Play with the revolutionary (but positive!) message
  • Reimagining propaganda-style visuals in bright Skipper Otto colours
  • Dramatic, eye-catching, and fun


In addition to the Skipper Otto fonts we used a bold condensed font on an angle to reinforce our message. 


The core Skipper Otto colours provided the basis of the campaign palette with a mixture of bright impactful colours.
For consistency, a texture was used thought the campaign to add more depth to visual assets.



Social Media Advertising

Social media advertisements were focusing on showing fishermen who caught the seafood and seafood itself. We also included graphics with more general messages about the whole seafood system in Canada.

Display Advertising

We used display advertising together with video/tv campaigns featured on specific news websites. Reinforcing that Skipper Otto brings you truly sustainable seafood: socially, economically, and environmentally.

Landing Page

I designed multiple landing pages for different audiences. The focus of this landing page is on delicious seafood, explaining why eating with an ecosystem is important and how people are getting delicious seafood, but also helping fishing families in Canada.

Video Graphics

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