Project Brief

The goal of the project was to create a brand identity based on the “In” concept that came up with my classmate Kam Bieska. The idea was to describe program and designers just with the words starting with “in”. After the class brainstorming, we had a strong concept with more than 90 different words describing us.


Graphic Design Grad Show at VCC is a regular event promoting graduating designers. It is also a great opportunity for students to organize, design and execute the application of the brand identity.


Display original concept understandably and interestingly. Create a brand identity that is easily transferable across different mediums – grad book, signage, website, and promotional materials. Create an application for the graduation show that showcases the students and their design skills.


Brand Identity

Team: Margerie Fahrni, Diana Hojdan, Miguel Franco Hernandez, Kate Remedio

Display “inwords” in the crossword was one of the first ideas I had. It was overlooked and forgotten by myself, later pointed out by our instructor and art director Carolina Becerra and became the main element of the identity. Margerie Fahrni‚Äôs idea to split the poster and crossword into four posters and introduce four colours is a great way how to bring some interest and movement to the design. Graphic elements and type treatments we came up with are very easily transferable and are offering a lot of room for creativity and different applications.


Team: Jamie Fox, Margerie Fahrni, Diana Hojdan

A modern, clean website with the less traditional element – vertical navigation bar. The brand colours are used just one per web page, that is creating consistency with the original brand identity and keeping the website easy to navigate. The headlines are also words starting with “in”. Unique infographic about designers is an interesting way to highlight some personal details and facts about designers.

Diana Hojdan InShow Typography Colours
Diana Hojdan InShow Logo

The Process

  • What I did

    Part of the Brand Identity Team
    Part of the Web Team

  • Client

    Graphic Design Program at VCC